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With over 25 years of experience working with Oracle technologies, we’ve helped countless organisations transform their operations, and open the doors to greater digital success. If you’re looking for an Oracle Partner that provides outcomes that are personalised, progressive, and game changing, you’ve come to the right place.

From advisory through to business transformation and Managed Services, our Oracle solutions enable our customers to transform their operations, optimise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and establish a secure and mature operational model that delivers the maximum value from their Oracle investment.

What we do is underpinned by our mature methodologies, a strong Oracle partnership, and deep industry knowledge. Our proven track record means we deliver with precision, connecting our customers’ business ecosystems through Oracle’s unified suite of Cloud Applications and Platform Services, including Oracle Fusion, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and on-premise applications and technology.

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Core offerings

Advisory Services

Our expertise in Oracle technology, combined with our mature advisory capability and deep industry experience, can support you at any stage of your Oracle journey.

Whether it’s developing a strategic vision and roadmap, a review of your business processes and readiness, or designing your IT strategy, we’ll help ensure your transformation is configured to your needs – both now and in the future.

What we offer

  • Current state assessment of your Oracle platform including Applications, Integration, and Infrastructure.
  • Business Process Analysis and optimisation.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) advisory to show you how you can adopt Oracle ERP Cloud and ensure you are leveraging the full capability to ensure maximum return on investment.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) advisory so you can adopt  Oracle HCM Cloud and enable a digital HR employee experience.
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) advisory to help you leverage Oracle’s leading EPM Cloud platform across planning and forecasting, financial consolidation and close, profitability and cost management, and strategic planning.
  • Total Cost of Ownership and licence optimisation.
  • Cloud and integration architectures that demonstrates the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, embedded Cloud Security and Multi-Cloud.
  • Cloud strategy and roadmaps that will enable you to optimise and modernise your IT systems across your Enterprise.

Business Transformation

Our Business Transformation services are designed to help you modernise business processes and transform your operations by leveraging the full potential of Oracle’s Fusion Cloud SaaS Solution.

Through our end-to-end capability, we can help you analyse your existing business processes, identify process gaps and inefficiencies, develop a transformation roadmap, and implement and configure the Oracle Fusion Cloud platform to meet your unique business needs and requirements.

What we offer

  • Business transformation to Oracle’s Fusion Cloud underpinned by our robust and mature Project Management capability.
  • Optimised business processes across ERP, EPM, SCM and HCM to deliver improved business efficiency, agility and a reduced TCO.
  • Mobility, reporting and automation solutions leveraging Oracle’s modern Cloud platform incorporating a unified data mode, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.
  • Organisational change management that enables stakeholder alignment and business readiness.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) cloud services

Optimise and control business performance through Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

Our EPM Cloud Optimisation services will help you implement and configure the Oracle EPM Cloud solution so you can ensure a seamless integration, high performance, and scalability.

What we offer

  • EPM Business transformation for planning and forecasting, financial consolidation and close, profitability and cost management, and strategic planning.
  • Migration of Oracle’s on-premise EPM platform (Hyperion) to the Cloud.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) planning and reporting solutions.

Lift and shift of apps to Oracle Cloud

Ensure your migration to cloud is a smooth one with minimal disruption, reduced risks, and far-reaching benefits.

With our expertise in Oracle technologies and cloud migration, we’ll work with you to analyse your existing infrastructure, assess your migration readiness, develop a customised migration plan, and execute the migration process. Our services focus on the big picture and are designed to ensure long term benefits, so you can realise a greater return on investment, faster, through cost savings and innovation.

What we offer

  • Migration of Oracle and Non-Oracle Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to deliver a reduced TCO and agility.
  • Consolidation of Oracle Databases to Oracle DBaaS services (including Oracle’s Autonomous Database) to deliver improved performance, high availability, and security.
  • VMWare migration to Oracle Cloud VMWare solution (OCVS).

Oracle upgrades and extensions

We use best-in-class methodology and standardised tools to simplify the application upgrade process on-premise or in the cloud. We’ll help you upgrade faster with lower cost and risk, so you can leverage the latest Oracle features and functionality to stay ahead of the competition.

What we offer

  • Upgrade and extension of on-premise Oracle applications to deliver a fully supported and compliant platform.
  • Extension of Oracle applications to leverage on Oracle PaaS services to deliver new functionality and eliminate customisations.

Oracle Modern Data Platform

Get insights faster and leverage the power of AI and machine learning so you can make better business decisions based on actionable insights.

Our expertise and services will help you gain greater control over your data and simplify your end-to-end data lifecycle through Oracle’s Modern Data Platform.

We can help you

  • Establish robust data governance practices to ensure data quality, compliance, and security throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Seamlessly connect and consolidate data from various sources, enabling a unified view and accurate insights.
  • Get real-time data access and machine learning generated insights to make better decisions that drive innovation with Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).
  • Access the Oracle Cloud Analytics (OAC) platform that enables interactive visualisations, data exploration, and collaborative decision-making.
  • Integrate Oracle AI capabilities to uncover patterns, predict trends, and generate actionable insights from your data.

Oracle Managed Services

We manage the most critical and complex of environments for our customers across enterprise and state and federal government.

Our AMS offerings ensure your Oracle applications remain secure, agile, robust, and future-ready, and are adaptable to your unique needs and service levels.

What we offer

  • Full set of support services for Oracle Cloud, Applications, Database, and Infrastructure.
  • Oracle Fusion Support incorporating quarterly patching and delivery of on-going business process enhancements.
  • SLA and ITIL based services that delivers a business aligned IT services incorporating architectural review, governance, and security.
  • Distributed delivery model to deliver optimised cost model.