Innovation &
Emerging Technologies

We work with our clients to consider new ways of doing things – and then use our digital know-how to make them happen.

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A portal to success and a tool for advancing Equity in STEM

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Why wait to follow the course when you can change it?

It’s a question we ask of our clients, before working together to help create that change. We draw on a design-led approach to get a true understanding of where your organisation’s challenges lie. So we can find the best possible outcome.

The end result? A new customer experience, service or product that isn’t developed by playing catch up – but will have your competitors wanting to keep up. Developed through world-class co-creation, prototyping and testing. With your customers front and centre.

Thinking ahead today.
So you stay ahead of it tomorrow.

What we offer

Innovation Strategy

When you take what you do and find ways to do it better, you deliver something altogether more valuable for your customers. We’ll help you uncover those new ways forward.

Using a process known as ‘design thinking’, our team will create refreshingly different, thoughtfully-considered strategies that reframe how you think about your value. And how you deliver it too.

Experience Design

The more thought and effort you put into the customer experience, the more likely you are to grow your business and your customer loyalty. Delivering unique and engaging experiences is a multi-dimensional challenge, though – which many organisations struggle with.

We partner with customers to re-think their customer experience – and redefine how they deliver value. Our services cover strategy and design, restructuring internal delivery models, managing client relationships, upgrading customer call centre interaction models and more.

User Experience (UX)

We expect more from organisations’ digital tools and services than ever. More tailored to our needs. More intuitive. More seamless. Our User Experience (UX) process is how you can make that happen.

From removing customer pain points to improving KPIs, we partner with our customers to balance business requirements with the opportunities UX provides.

Innovation cultivation and sprints

We can facilitate innovation sprints or set up and train up an in-house innovation hub – so that a culture of creative, game-changing thinking becomes a part of how your team works. From early ideas through to project delivery stages.

Design facilitation and coaching

When designers and stakeholders take on large change processes together, design facilitation plays a vital role in navigating that change.

We’ll get everyone on the same page – building trust from stakeholders and making systems and service design more seamless.

Innovation ecosystem collaboration

Along with the partnerships we form with our customers, we also connect them to our broader network of start-ups and vendors. So the collaborations they need to keep ahead of the curve are always within reach.

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