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If you’re looking to reap the benefits of the world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform, our passionate team of experts are on hand to help. Having facilitated some of the largest and most complex cloud migrations for our clients, we’ll ensure your flight path is clear, and when you come into land, you’re ready to innovate.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we’ve been providing migration, modernisation and operational Managed Services since AWS arrived in Australia back in 2014.

Our AWS services are a key part of our over-arching Cloud Services, helping you design, build and deliver your AWS journey. With a core focus on the transformation of your traditional services to cloud operating models, we’ll help you achieve greater operational effectiveness and optimal cost of operation by utilising industry and AWS well-architected best practices.

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Core offerings


By re-evaluating your applications and environment, we can help you determine the best path to migrate, whether you need to retire legacy applications, and if any applications need to be refactored to help you achieve cloud benefits faster.

Migrate and modernise

Migrating and modernising your infrastructure on the AWS Cloud can help you innovate and respond quickly to changing demands.

Through experience, we’ve found that when our customers combine migration and modernisation initiatives with their AWS Cloud adoption, they see faster results when it comes to cost savings, innovation initiatives, and the ability to release applications more frequently.


Operating workloads on Cloud is very different from running workloads in traditional on-premise systems. Through utilising techniques such as Infrastructure as Code and platforms such as Serverless Computing, Kubernetes Services, and Auto-Scale Groups, we’ll help you manage your workloads in more agile ways.

We can also help you optimise your consumption charges, through utilising Snow Commander and other cloud management tools and techniques. Managing Reserved Instances, Savings Plans and Spot pricing is a key element of how we can help you extract the most value.