Benefits Realisation – and its role in successful implementations

  • Date 20 May 2024
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How to keep your project’s hands on the golden thread of benefits at all stages of the project lifecycle and, in doing so, increase your chances of overall project success.


In an environment of constant upheaval that demands organisations adapt and transform capabilities consistently, the ability to deliver complex projects and programs has never been more critical. Unfortunately, we have found that benefits are considered in detail as part of the process to gain approval to commence a program but are then too often placed in the background and ignored as the delivery processes – and inevitable challenges and crises demand attention.   It seems that only when the project or program outputs fail to meet the expectations do the benefits get revisited.

What to expect from this session

Join NRI’s experts, Sean Chamberlin – National Capability Manager – Strategy, Architecture & Cyber Security, and Peter Sexton – Principal Consultant – as we join forces with Isaca Melbourne Chapter. 

  • An exploration of the reasons beneath the headlines, to understand why the management of benefits is the golden thread that can keep complex projects and programs on track.
  • A look at some of the risks and challenges that can derail even the most committed of project leaders.
  • Real life perspectives and lessons learnt, from those who have sought to enhance the success of delivery of new digital and business capabilities.

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Date: Thursday 13 June

Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm

In-person location: NRI, Level 8, 140 William Street, Melbourne 3000

Online: Via Teams


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