Leading Australian bank accelerates innovation with Testing as a Service

  • Industry Banking & Finance
  • Capability Quality & Testing
  • Customer Australian Bank

Our client is one of Australia’s leading regional banks, ranking in the top 100 Australian companies by market capitalisation on the Australian Securities Exchange. It operates more than 150 branches across Australia and is renowned for its simple, easy-to-understand banking products that help support its customers’ financial needs.




Increasing costs, high-security environments, and increased adoption of software applications has made software testing challenging for most organisations. Particularly in consumer-led environments such as Banking, where it is vital to assess and implement the right methodologies to achieve scaling, minimise costs and offer improved services with minimal risk.

Priding itself on the availability of simple and easy to use financial products, with a long-term strategy to deliver operational excellence and build strong customer relationships through personal service, our client needed to improve its software testing capability so that it could deliver its products without risk and improve its speed to market.

For our client, software and product testing across its multi-vendor resourcing model was largely driven by vendors, which meant testing processes were either inconsistent or lacking in maturity. This was causing several issues such as:

  • Quality outcomes not being delivered to schedule.
  • Low maturity testing processes.
  • Non-traditional project methodologies unable to support test processes.
  • Unstable products, higher cost of quality and increased time to market.
  • Low confidence of business on delivered products impacting planning for new initiatives.

With its mission to create a more consistent, reliable and quality testing service in order to deliver high quality products, our client’s specific goals were to achieve zero severity one defects, reduce cost of quality, and achieve +/- 15 percent tolerance for test duration.


NRI were engaged by our client to become its Testing as a Service (TaaS) partner and improve and stabilise the testing process to meet its critical requirements on quality, cost and improved testing timelines.

We developed an operating model covering testing process, procedures, and techniques across testing phases and project methodologies. As the operating model was rolled out and refined, our client started to see immediate results from improved testing services with the following benefits:

  • Consistent and reliable testing operating model.
  • Improved and reduced cost of quality.
  • Test execution within +/- 15% tolerance for test duration.
  • Reliable testing metrics to support informed business decisions.
  • Faster implementation of BAU changes.
  • Awareness developed for response times for customer facing applications.


After solving its test management challenges and seeking the support of NRI as a Testing as a Service provider, the improvements spilled out across the business with the following outcomes:

  • Operating costs for test services reduced with consistent quality and dual shore benefits.
  • Enhanced customer experience with products.
  • Increased speed to market with automation and innovation.
  • Improved business confidence with new initiatives.
  • Uncompromised quality, mitigating defect impacts.
  • Increased regulatory and compliance conformance.