NRI to deliver for Victoria’s Department of Justice & Regulation

  • Date 27 Feb 2018
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Department of Justice

NRI has secured a contract to provide Victoria’s Department of Justice & Regulation (DJR) with a secure platform for the cloud hosting of selected applications.

The long-term contract will see NRI and partner Macquarie Telecom provide a flexible, cloud-based service to support and operate selected DJR applications.

This cloud-based service will feature ‘dial up + dial down’ pricing, the ability to roll-on and roll-off applications as needs arise, and access on a needs-only basis, rather than any major up-front capital spend.

DJR operates in one of the most sensitive areas of the Victorian Government, with the highest levels of security and governance base case requirements. It needs a technology platform that meets the most stringent conditions in terms of data sovereignty and protected environments.

NRI Australia and New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Dean Langenbach said the new cloud service contract would deliver material efficiencies to DJR while delivering the highest levels of security and performance.

“The Victorian Government is at the forefront of adopting the Federal Government’s security classification systems and the NRI-DJR contract is a very early example of the transformation that will be possible and, indeed, demanded.”

NRI will also help DJR deliver on the Victorian’s Government’s policy of “Cloud First” using infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service for both protected and unprotected applications. Importantly, the vast majority of NRI personnel delivering the contract are Victorian-based.

Key features of the contract are:

  • On-demand self service
  • Broad network access across all platforms (from mobile to the desktop)
  • Ability to pool resources (such as storage and bandwidth)
  • Ability to scale inwards and outwards with demand.