SAP Fit-Gap Assessment for mining company in preparation for SAP transformation

  • Industry Mining & Natural Resources
  • Capability Strategy & Advisory, Enterprise Applications
  • Customer Mining Company

Our client runs a mining operation Western Australia which comprises of large, complex, and fully integrated mining, processing, and transport logistic networks.




To support its extensive mining operations, our client operates an SAP ECC6 application with interfaces to various non-SAP systems.

SAP is a business-critical application for our client and required various adjustments in order to appropriately support local operations.

With a planned expansion of mining operations, our client anticipated increased operational challenges and wanted to leverage the full capability of its SAP investment whilst improving its existing gaps to help de-risk it’s expansion, and ensure smooth, efficient operations.

In particular, our client saw an opportunity to improve workflow procedures and efficiencies in both its operations and systems and at the same time, evaluate existing capabilities to make informed business decisions on areas for improvement in order to become future ready.

To ensure the right expertise for the job, our services were enlisted to help conduct a thorough and comprehensive SAP Fit-Gap Assessment of its existing system; identifying functional gaps and providing recommendations and a roadmap which would clearly define the steps required to deliver improvements and transform its existing SAP environment.


Our client approached us with a specific set of objectives. The first being to carry out a review of its current SAP ERP application and provide insights back so it could have a deeper understanding of its current implementation across its core organisational structures.

Our Team quickly got to work, performing a detailed assessment to understand procedures through interviews with various business units, and running SAP system assessments with our certified and qualified technical and functional consultants.

During this phase, we identified 100+ functional gaps across our client’s SAP application and put our findings into an Assessment Review Report which would be shared with a parent company to support an SAP uplift business case.

We also prepared a roadmap and improvement plan that would clearly demonstrate how to resolve current issues and address the 100+ gaps, along with further recommendations and plans for enhancements in anticipation of its future growth.




Armed with the insights and evidence from the review, our client presented the findings to its parent company, which clearly demonstrated the challenges and impacts, and what changes were recommended in order to resolve and uplift its SAP environment.

The recommendations were approved, and our client was given the reigns to its SAP ERP Systems which would allow it to move forward with the proposed uplift.

With a strong vision towards its mining expansion, the success of the SAP Recommendations and Roadmap was the beginning for our client’s digital transformation. Helping it start at the foundations by addressing current needs, whilst also working towards the future knowing it’s robust, intelligent SAP environment will support and enable its journey.