Salesforce CRM provides the foundations to true business transformation for Copyright Agency

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The Copyright Agency is an Australian not-for-profit. Through its services, it provides simple ways for government, education institutions and businesses to reproduce, store and share copyright-protected words, images, and other creative content in return for payment to creators.


The Copyright Agency transformed its core operating systems in 2016, with plans to move to the cloud and deliver a new Salesforce CRM as part of the process.

The need to upgrade systems was critical as the organisation had been relying on outdated processes that were supported by highly customised and end-of-life systems. It was also an opportunity to respond to changing member needs by transitioning to modern technology that would deliver tools such as self-serve dashboards via a new member portal. The goal was to reduce operational complexity and build transparency, simplicity and trust in the systems and the data.

The scale of the project was large and consisted of 17 revenue streams, with multiple processes across each line of business. To ensure the right design and solutions, Copyright Agency needed a comprehensive view of the existing environment.


Our Team at NRI were first engaged to help Copyright Agency understand the journey.
Following our process of Discovery, Design and Define, our Team, along with Copyright, spent a significant amount of time laying out the problems to understand how to solve them.

With the information needed for this stage of the project available from the people within the business, it was imperative to make them part of the process. This involved training them to be product owners, immersing them in Agile, and teaching them how to write user stories.

According to Jeremy Jacobs, COO and CFO at Copyright Agency, this step was fundamental.

“We got the business involved in the design and testing along the way and we kept them within certain principles with customisation and simplicity to help them frame everything in. And of course, we had extensive member consultations. If you do this, the team is invested in the outcome because they have been involved in its design,” he said.

Once the streamlined processes were in place, the project team focused on automation. This involved putting in a three stage Agile build to replace financial systems first, a Dell Boomi integration capability, and then a two-phase modular build for core functions using Salesforce, AWS, and Dell Boomi technologies.

Copyright Agency selected Salesforce CRM on the AWS cloud and as a Salesforce Partner engaged us to deliver the solution. This involved migrating and integrating data from the legacy CRM into Salesforce, adopting mostly out of the box features and applications.


Despite a global pandemic during the build and several required changes to plans, Copyright Agency delivered its new CRM as part of its major systems transformation in late 2020, on time and on budget.

“Having a flexible partner in the project was important. When we explained changes were required – some developments needed to be built in house – NRI listened and allowed this to happen. Alternatively, in some cases, they pushed back which was a reflection of their expertise and experience, it’s important for both parties to be candid and fair. Being able to collaborate was important. If we didn’t trust in NRI as our partner, we wouldn’t have been able to face up to those challenges and adapt appropriately,” said Jacobs.

As a result of the entire transformation, Copyright Agency has delivered a system fit for the digital age. The improvements along the way through automation and reducing processes has meant significant operational efficiencies.

Members have access to a modern and visually pleasing portal that allows them to access their information via a self-serve functionality, bringing Copyright Agency in-line with many other everyday services.

For Copyright Agency, the vision to support the creation of Australian content by making it easy for users to access copyrighted materials on fair terms, is now firmly in sight. Jacobs says, “We’ve taken an important step in building the tools we need to equip our organisation to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. The new CRM will enable us to bolt future enhancements onto our modern and nimble platform.”

Dear member services, a big, big appreciation for all your hard work collating, analysing, organising and allocating the payment shares to authors and publishers. It must have been a mammoth task for all of you. It is great that I no longer have to work through numerous sheets to determine the amounts I need to pay each of the publishers, as was the case at this time of the year in the past. You’ve relieved myself and others of a lot of stress, once again, a very big thank you.”

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