Enabling continuous innovation for energy provider through Change Management

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  • Customer Energy Provider

Our client is a leading provider of high voltage electricity services, supplying power to over 5 million Australians and 200,000+ businesses. Its expansive network spans over 1500 kilometres, and boasts an infrastructure of nearly 16,000 kilometres of transmission lines and over 145 sub-stations. Our client is committed to change and innovation through the use of renewables and new technologies, and to providing reliable services to its customers.




Over the last 50 years, the only constant in the IT arena has been change. Change which is accelerating at a lightening pace and having an unprecedented effect on how the energy and utilities industries will look moving into the future.

In the competitive energy space, the key to staying relevant in the digital age is creating an exceptional consumer experience. And it’s crucial that, in order to survive and grow, an IT strategy must not only address current issues but also anticipate and evolve to accommodate what’s next.

Amidst this continual transformation in the IT and energy sectors, our client reviewed its business operations and identified the need to uplift its change management capability to ensure better utilisation and efficiency across projects.

Some of the issues they faced were:

  • Disjointed planning in change management
  • Sub-optimal resource allocation
  • Lack of upfront planning at a portfolio level
  • Lack of overall strategy for change management services
  • Lack of strategy and understanding of available change management products
  • Lack of internal resources
  • Lack of metrics and ability to measure projects’ success.

To address these issues and establish a strong internal transformation culture and ways of managing change moving forward, our client recognised the need for a single IT services provider and key Change Lead who could oversee change across all elements of its projects.

The Change Leader would be required to facilitate project reviews, determine the resources required and ensure a governance layer for projects, depending on their scale. There was also the need for a flex up/down facility to manage resources according to changing project demands, as well as the need to work across the entire IT portfolio in order to ensure consistency and efficiency of change management services.


As an established IT partner with a mature Change Management practice and experience delivering many IT projects of scale, we were selected to implement a Change Management as a Service (CMaaS) facility in order to quickly mobilise change resources across all projects.

This CMaaS included the following deliverables:

A thorough understanding of client and landscape

  • Undertaking an initial portfolio assessment.
  • The development of a thorough understanding of our clients needs and relevant stakeholders.
  • Aligning the benefits of Organisational Change Management with KPIs strategic goals.
  • Establishing targets including proficiency, adoption speed and the uptake of tools – this involved developing SMART objectives focused on a growth mindset.
  • Formulating a Portfolio Change Management Uplift plan inclusive of necessary tools and resources.
  • Developing and delivering a plan that included toolset and practice alterations, training, resources, sponsorship, and case studies of applications.
  • Recommending the use of simple software to assess ‘readiness’ for change using factors such as business unit, budget, change type, degree of change, affected groups.
  • Creating a quality assurance model to ensure compliance.

Plan Implementation

  • Defining change management plans across all projects including the allocation of resources.
  • Implementing change management plans including the provision of external change management resources.
  • Change efficacy reporting based on agreed assessment criteria.
  • Implement a knowledge transfer plan to staff including coaching and blended training model (on-line and face to face), sponsorship from relevant business owners and an accessible knowledge portal.
  • The engagement of an internal change champion network to create interest and appetite for change.
  • Delivery of refresher training of change competencies using NRI Prosci certified instructors.


Our clients IT services were significantly upgraded by leveraging NRI’s experience in implementing similar change projects across energy, utility and government organisations nationally.

Following our mature Change Management practices, we aligned tools and approaches with our client’s business strategy and managed change projects accordingly using a tailored change management plan aligned to existing Organisational Change Management (OCM) requirements.

Since the establishment of the CMaaS, our client has achieved cost efficiencies through better resource management and strategic planning across the project portfolio and have instituted robust measures to ensure a high-performing change management service, uplifting organisational capability, clear communications, and consistency across change management products.

This has helped streamline the change management function across the organisation, optimising the use of resources and a seamless transition to BAU while ensuring process is continuously improved moving into the future.